Endangered/Threatened Birds

Western Snowy Plover

The Western snowy plover is a small endangered bird species in the PNW. It is native to the PNW coasts and has been threatened as a species due to human activity especially at breeding sites and poor reproductive success

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Kelly Eriksen

Short-tailed Albatross

The short-tailed albatross is a rare seabird that is found around the northern Pacific Ocean and along the coast in the Pacific Northwest. The population of this bird is threatened by the hunting and trading of its feathers. There are many protection efforts underway but the breeding rates of these birds are still low.

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Lucy Stout

Northern Spotted Owl

The Northern Spotted Owl is found in old growth forests across the Pacific Northwest. When logging occurred in the mid 1900’s, their habitat that they depended on disappeared, along with their population. They are still on the endangered species list today.

Source: thoughtco.com

Ella Neiwert

Yellow Billed Cuckoo

The Yellow Billed Cuckoo is native to North America, spanning from southern Canada to northern Mexico, and has become endangered in some parts of western American, including Oregon, and disappeared from other parts of western America. Populations have declined in recent decades, majorly due to habitat loss. It is difficult to observe and lives in dense areas of forrest.

Photo credit: Ashley Wahlberg/Flickr

Melozie Madland

Streaked Horned Lark

The population of the Streaked Horned Lark, native to the Pacific Northwest, has been declining due to the decrease of its natural habitat. The loss of its scarce habitat is due to disturbances like flooding and forest fires. Another reason for the reduction in its habitat is due to the conversion of forest into agriculture and industrial building.

Photo credit: birdfellow.com

Malaya Bradford