Curious Links

Artist Jan Mun’s project

Model Citizen:Assimilation deploys a series of non-native invasive plants packaged in customized USA Green Card seed envelopes.

Have you noticed that we use similar language to talk about immigration issues and invasive species?

Endangered Species: Artists on the Front Line of Biodiversity

Exhibition at Whatcom Museum

Bellingham, WA

Earthly remains: Conversation with Ed and James Harrison

Oceanographic Magazine, issue 21

View their beautiful screenprint and their process.

The Art Of War On Invasive Species by NPR

Artist Patterson Clark makes ink, brushes, and paper from weeds and invasive species.

“Eat the Problem” exhibition

Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania

They say “Eat the Problem is the culmination of Kirsha Kaechele’s lifelong quest to turn flaws into features, shit into gold.”

Here’s an interesting critical review.