Invasive Reptile/Amphibians

Red-eared Slider

The Red-eared Slider is native to the Midwestern region of North America, and is one of the most popular pets due to their medium size and vivid red stripes. Due to a large number of pet owners illegally releasing their turtles into the wild, they are invasive to most heavily-populated freshwater regions across the US.

Photo Credits: San Antonio Express News

Ellie Reis

Bull Frog

The American Bullfrog is an invasive species originally found in Europe, and was brought over on ships for eating. Eventually their population escaped and is now found all over the United States and into Mexico. Their consumption of other smaller animals makes them a threat to the native Pacific Tree Frog population found here in Oregon.

Photo credit:

Ella Neiwert

Common Snapping Turtle

The common snapping turtle is indigenous to the eastern United States. The color of its shell varies from a tan/brown color to an olive green to almost black. The top of its tail has sawtooth shaped plates. They inhabit mostly aquatic places, warmer, slow moving bodies of water. They prey on native fish and other native wildlife, including other turtles. The presence of the common snapping turtle in Oregon threatens native species by taking their food, habitat, and nesting sites. It is illegal to import/bring a common snapping turtle into non-native areas, like Oregon, without a permit.

Photo credit: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Moriah Arnold